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This data visualization interface captures every moment of a users online activity and provides them with a 24 hour digital footprint that they can read at a macro or micro level. Each ring represents a day. Users can enter into their own data footprint by zooming through a colorful tunnel in z-space. The color coding creates readable patterns of habitual activities that occur at certain times of day.

This was a design mini study that examined how the immense trail of data that users leave behind them might be made visible to them. It's purpose is as a provocation — I do not believe that many users would use this as some kind of quantified self tool. This is about data and privacy awareness and the impact of (with the click of a button) seeing ones online activities spontaneously harvested from trusted networks and explicitly detailed across time.

A users location, exchanges, purchases, entertainment, information choices, and searches are highlighted as particularly valuable pieces of data and these are strung together in an end of day text summary. Would an experience like this cause a user to consider the implications for online privacy? Would it reveal surprising patterns to them?
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