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This is a prototype for a contemporary art museum. The touch table is a component of an interactive system that facilitates conversation and sharing at the end of a gallery journey. Information about artwork and related images appear when an image is selected. Users can slide images across the table to one another and enter questions and comments.

Via a sensory and cognitive experience with the creative work of contemporary artists, the visitors of contemporary art museums are taken on a subjective and intellectual journey. A cascade of different impressions, opinions, and behaviors are possible when reacting to the work of an exhibit. These are complex and nuanced learning experiences. Articulating, questioning, and comparing experiences with the experiences of both peers and experts can help museum visitors retain and give form to their unique insights about works of art.

Prior to designing these prototypes, I used several methods to gain insight and inform the user experience. I conducted a semi structured interview with the Education Director of CAM and a literature review of interactive displays in contemporary art museum settings. I also conducted an observational study of visitors interacting in the gallery space in order to find out where and when, in the museum space, visitors are most likely to converse. From these observations I also developed personas and user paths to inform and guide the UX design.

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