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This is a prototype for a media mash-up application that facilitates users who want to create shareable short form rich media content for distribution across their social networks. For this prototype, a persona (Mark) is is concerned about marriage rights and he desires to engage in activism by creating a shareable piece of propaganda. He is not a graphic designer, a copy writer, or a sound editor — but he wants to create something high quality, compelling, and expressive in the hopes that it will go viral. He and his non-profit organization could also use some dynamic media on their homepage.

Mark uses the Recombine Media tool to enter keywords and phrases and dynamically generate an audio mash-up that he can edit using very simple hand gestures — tossing out what he doesn't want, and rearranging the sequences. He can search for a specific and known piece of audio or let an algorithm provide him with possibilities. To simulate this, I did a google search of the terms shown in the video and the resulting mash up is a combination of the first audio or video results that were returned to me. With a little bit of creativity (and without much technical skill ) on the part of he user, those disparate clips can come together in a very compelling way simply by changing the sequence and shortening tracks. All of the clips reveal the source of the original audio in the final composition.

Mark later connects each of his audio clips to an image found online and the application mashes together a video in a collage style composition. Mark then shares his video on the organization home page and on his facebook page. His composition is also added to the Recombine "Causes" gallery so that other users who work for similar organizations and who are concerned with the same cause, can use the content as is, rank and promote it, or create a totally new piece for the same cause or a different cause. The striped collage style poster image is meant to "brand" these videos, so that when they are seen on social media, users immediately know the nature of the content and that it is connected to cause or social issue that is important to the person who posted it.

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