I design experiences for people in context with technology — from product design to visual art and new media
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Teaching & Design Thinking Facilitation

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching several courses at NCSU as an Assitant Professor of the Practice at the College of Design. Through semi-structured , I introduce students to UX and UI design practices. Students explore the UX process by undertaking user and contextual research. Students synthesize their observations and insights in order to design and communicate multiple aspects of an intended user experience.

User Experience design is a practice that informs how we understand, design, and develop the overall experience of people in context with technology. This design process helps us to better understand who our potential users are, what their needs and emotions are, and what activities and experiences can be designed to help facilitate their goals with technology.

This involves synthesizing and utilizing information that occurs at the intersection of multiple design practices. It is a multi-disciplinary field that incorporates design research, user interface design, user research, information architecture, visual design, content strategy, prototyping, usability testing, ethnography, and aspects of cognitive science for the purpose of designing engaging and useful products or services for a specific group of people.

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