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This is a speculative design investigation for a plugin that tracks and displays the names of advertising networks and data brokers that track you as you visit sites. It acts as a calculator and bargaining system to deal with them for licensing of your data.

I prototyped these screens and behaviors in order to explore a user experience and tool that I could actually imagine existing today — despite the fact that the necessary access to create calculations like the ones presented by the calculator is not available.

Before creating this prototype I did some limited research on data brokers and ad networks. In reality, $2,130 a year for a single person's data is probably more than a bit inflated based on how data brokers actually purchase data (in bulk). But pennies are pennies — and pennies add up over long periods of time. I suspect most individuals would at least be curious to know what individual data is worth over a lifetime and if free access to certain systems and tools online really offsets that value.

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