I design experiences for people in context with technology — from product design to visual art and new media
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I work at the intersection of experience design, visual art, and the new media landscape.


Projected light and site specific installations on the shores of the Outer Banks.

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Harvard University Museum of Natural History

I recently collaborated with Leah Sobsey, Dr. Emily Meineke, and Dr. Marsha Gordon on a mutlimedia installation that leverages Henry David Thoreau’s pressed plant specimens, housed at Harvard University’s Herbaria. Thoreau’s collection is a botanical time machine that lives in combination with the naturalist’s extensive notes about when and where his specimens were collected, which our installation draws from to provide insight into environmental change.

In Search of Thoreau’s Flowers: An Exploration of Change and Loss is an immersive multidisciplinary experience that marries art and science through a modern artistic interpretation of Henry David Thoreau’s preserved plants. Thoreau was prolific in his practice of collecting botanical samples and plants are important indicators of how our world is responding to climate change.  Long preserved in the Harvard University Herbaria, 648 specimens serve as the foundation of this new exhibition. The digitization of the specimens, and others in the Herbaria collection, are now allowing broader access to scholars and citizen scientists, in turn welcoming new domains of scholarship.

The exhibition invites visitors to experience emotionally resonant connections to the profound loss of natural diversity caused by human-induced climate change. The exhibition urges us to ask, “What do Thoreau’s findings tell us about what plants are winning, and what plants are losing, in the face of climate change today?”


Kaleidoscope: An Immersive Experience
Public Art commissioned by Artsplosure

Public Art: Interactive Wall
Commissioned by crabtree with Levr Studios

To help celebrate 50 years of community engagement, crabtree partnered with award-winning team, Mike Cuales, creative director, and technical producer, LEVR Studios, LLC and Robin Vuchnich, artist, and multi-media innovator to create an experimental immersive light experience for guests while supporting local artists, including students from NC State’s College of Design. The works were created using different techniques and technologies from virtual reality painting, procedurally generated art, artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision and neural networks.

All the Possibilities... Reflections on a Painting by Vernon Pratt

I recently designed the titles and animation for the award-winning documentary All The Possibilities. It’s made its way into dozens of national and international film festivals winning Best Short Doc at both the San Francisco Indie Fest and the Longleaf Film Festival. The 16-minute documentary explores Durham-NC based artist Vernon Pratt’s painting, ALL THE POSSIBILITIES OF FILLING IN SIXTEENTHS (65,536). The painting was exhibited for the first time in 2018 at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design at North Carolina State University, where all 256 panels consisting of 65,536 painted squares were hung floor to ceiling on three walls in a single gallery space.

Co-Directed by Marsha Gordon + Louis Cherry
Edited by Kevin Wells with music by Rich Holly

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